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Ajax Technology is considered to be a prime tool for Rich Internet Applications. AJAX works on "JavaScript and HTTP requests". AJAX can't be called a new programming language, instead it a new way to use existing standards. Ajax(Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) is a combination of techniques (XHTML, JavaScript, XMLHttpRequest and DOM) that involves dynamically pulling needed data from Web Server instead of reloading entire page. Ajax drives Web Applications as Web Applications, by reducing the load of Web Server.

Advantages of Ajax Technique

- Fast & Interactive
- Limit Unneeded data Transfer
- Reduce the load of Web Server
- No need to install any browser plug-in

PHPAsKS Solutions expertise on following Ajax frameworks:

- jQuery
- Prototype.js
- Yahoo UI
- Cpaint
- Rico
- ExtJS

PHPAsKS Solutions for Ajax Programming:

AJAX Java Script makes web page to retrieve small amounts of data from the server without reloading the entire page. As name suggests it is technique that uses combination of JavaScript and XML. JavaScript programming is now the universal language for client based validation and XML is a new revolutionary form of containing data and transfer data on World Wide Web. By enhancing the usage of these two technologies we can easily build interactive, fast and scalable web applications.

The JavaScript function that makes AJAX development possible is the XMLHTTPRequest object, which was added to the JavaScript runtime module in the Web browser. The XMLHTTPRequest object returns the data formatted in a DOM document. It is compatible with almost all browser now days. As it is not dependent on any server technology so we can implement it by using php, asp, asp.net or any server technology.

We can provide complex AJAX programming, AJAX programmer/ developer support for your web application at an affordable cost. We are young but experienced AJAX developers in India (AJAX programmer India). We can provide you the rapid development for complex task with less coding and simple programming.

Benefits of AJAX Programming:

Web pages usually need numerous applications to function. This makes it a tiresome operation when the users have to wait for various applications to load by refreshing, while not yet having completed interacting with the same page. This lead to delay in browsing for users, but with AJAX techniques it becomes rather quicker to browse as the page loads without refreshing and thus making internet more popular and pervasive. This is the primary benefit of AJAX Programming.

Ajax reduces the use of your bandwidth usage. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is exchanged between user and server. With Ajax Programming, the use of bandwidth only accomplishes specific demands without the need of refreshing the page. Refreshing of the pages uses the bandwidth of the website and if bandwidth usage exceeds then it can stop the functioning of your website.

AJAX Programming allows Web-based applications to be developed like LAN-based applications. AJAX plays well with Flex and Flash too with low incremental cost. AJAX being an open standards supports many browsers and platforms. Summing up the other benefits of AJAX Programming are lower cost of deployment, easier support, shorter development times, and no installation.

PHPAsKS Solutions Methodology - SDLC

A software development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing an information system. The procedure or prototype used by development team to develop an application or system or software is called software development methodology (SDM) or Software development life cycle (SDLC).

Software Development Life Cycle involves following phases. - Analysis
- Specification and documentation
- Design
- Implementation
- Testing and Documenting
- Deployment and Maintenance

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